How to Use a Capo Chord Chart

Learning how to use a Capo Chord Chart is essential in learning how to use and play with a Capo.

In this Fret Gear Video, we walk through the different reasons you would use a Capo and how a Capo Chord Chart can help.

As we show in the video, we discuss how to use the Capo Chord Chart for several different reasons:

  1. To help change to a key that matches to your voice better.
  2. Adjusting the key due to the preference of a band member.
  3. Raising the pitch of your guitar so you can have beautifully sounding contrasting chords when you’re playing with someone else.

This is a custom made chart that very easily shows you the step by step process for changing from one chord to another. The steps include:

  1. Where to put the Capo (i.e. Put the Capo on this Fret)
  2. What Chord to play (i.e. Play this Chord Shape)
  3. What Chord you actually hear (i.e. Hear this Chord sound)

Good luck and keep strumming!


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