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How to Use a Capo Chord Chart

Learning how to use a Capo Chord Chart is essential in learning how to use and play with a Capo. In this Fret Gear Video, we walk through the different reasons you would use a Capo and how a Capo Chord Chart can help...

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7 Benefits of Using a Capo and How it Will Make You a More Versatile Guitarist

"Why do you even want to use a Capo?"I can’t tell you how many times some one has asked me this question.Obviously, one of my favorite guitar accessories is the Capo. Not only because we created the FG-01, but because there are so many benefits from using one. See my list below for the 7 main benefits of using a capo and how it will make you a a more versatile guitarist. Using a Capo allows you to... 1. Change Keys Quickly - The Capo allows you to change keys quickly and instantly. All you need to do is move the Capo up the frets, clamp it on, and play the same chord shapes as you were playing before and...

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The Ultimate Capo Song List for Guitar Players

Years ago when I first starting playing guitar, I heard Hear Comes the Sun by the Beatles and was immediately hooked by the high-pitched beautifully sounding song. I remember trying to figure the tune out by ear and having no idea how George Harrison played the song. When I finally figured out how he played it, I was hooked on the Capo and all the different tunes that were made specifically for and with the Capo. Here's a list some classic tunes, some of my favorites, and some others have suggested make this list of songs with capo for guitar. CURRENTLY, THERE ARE 156 SONGS IN THE LIST. LAST UPDATED NOVEMBER 22, 2017. 1st Fret:"3am" by Matchbox 20"A Boy Named Sue" by...

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